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The Brooklyn Sugar Stompers have transformed numerous Wedding Celebrations, Corporate Parties, Restaraunt Occasions, and Exquisite Hotel Soirees into speakeasy themed nights of endless dancing and enchantment.  From Special Events for COCO CHANEL, to Dinner Parties for GQ MAGAZINE, and Special Occaions for the GRAMMERCY PARK HOTEL, and Sleep No More's 'The MCKITTRICK HOTEL', The Brooklyn Sugar Stompers are taking the cake (and big apple) by storm with their imaginative arrangements, technical jazz prowess and extraordinary group of musical characters. 


Vocalist and Bandleader, Miss Cara (Dineen), sets the stage as a whimsical flapper singing new life into dusty old tunes pressed onto vinyl over 100 years ago.  If you're lucky enough to catch them live, brace yourself for high-energy tempos and dynamic interpretations.  Their performance recently called a "Home Run" by Don Spiro at CLUB WIT'S END, they will get your gams out on the floor and your heart stompin' with them in no time.  They are a perfect homage to Jazz's Golden Age: the 1920's. With a youthful 'Joie de Vivre',  The Brooklyn Sugar Stompers are attempting to bring Gatsby Gilded Lenses to this century's New Yorkers, one song at a time.  


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